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Begin Secure Logistics with our Safety Cycle Application

Logistics trading for your company is now much safer! 


1A-CARGO.COM The transportation platform brings together the supply and demand holders in the shortest route and the most secure environment on the logistics network in dense regions around the world. Our goal is to upgrade your company's productivity with reliable partners. The easiest, fastest, safest. We have developed a SECURITY TENSILE to work with each of our unique users and to "cheat and counter" each of us. Our Commitment "Intimidation and Trust" For our customers, we are always ahead of us as it is always here. It is the first time in the world that we start with data privacy and with the "User Blacklist" and "Bidder Visible" that prevent companies you do not want to know about you or your operation In the logistics sector we have had a safety system that respects such user information. We also provide you with a list of companies that are interested in collateralized transportation that will enable you to highlight the valuable Turkish Shipping companies that serve the highest quality standards. We ensure the security of our users' information with a 2-step authentication system that ensures the security of the beacon's login. We also provide our collections department and our partners' rights through domestic and overseas local lawyers, if necessary, for collecting problems that may arise both domestically and abroad.

NAKLIYEAMBARIM.COM/ 1A-CARGO.CO Circle of Safety is a first in Turkey and Neighboring Countries!


Secure Registration and Access Management | ShippingAmbimation - 1A-CARGO ID

"Our corporate relationships are built on long-term and trust!"

Bülent Tosun

When Needed, Shipping Ambulance Attentive Overseas Payment Tracking

"We know our customers very well!"

Bülent Tosun

Technical Infrastructure and Security Wall

"We apply the highest security standards in our system for you to work safely!"

Bülent Tosun 

NA / 1A Secure Personal 2-Step System Input

"You can be the only one who makes your user login to the NA and 1A Transport Platform!"

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Pre-Record Security Scan

"The best way is the way you know: you need to pay more attention to fraud and to be active, to be able to fully trust. We want to share with you the best methods against illegal participation and counterfeiting here! "

Bülent Tosun

Determinative Criteria: NA / 1A Transportation Platform Registration

transparent, clean, competent - that's how it works at NA / 1A. Companies that want to work with the transportation platform should meet specific requirements to ensure a safe environment at the highest level for all of our participants in our platform. In this regard, the user we work with in safety from 2003 onwards is in good hands. In this decisive process, NA / 1A customers have had the opportunity to benefit from the quality seal when they are.

Security and Contracted Jobs in Instant Operation

  • Only companies that have been in operation for at least 6 months can register.
  • Careful examination and verification of company documents prior to accession
  • Each new client is presented with careful attention and, if necessary, remote access or on-site system training.
  • 100 points system / star appraisal evaluations starting with the complaints and customer representative follow.
"We are bad days friends!"

Bülent Tosun


Our most prominent feature: our high level of safety precautions


Fast and reliable: introduction to our transportation platform

We have secured the quality

  • 2-step authentication with private username and password, private offer and personalized blacklist
  • Benefit: Independent access from anywhere
  • Benefit: Only registered users can see and contact bidders
  • Benefit: With your personal blacklist application, you can no longer see people or organizations you do not want and see them in you!

For a safer trade, what can you do?

With its intelligent, multi-dimensional safety circle, NA / 1A, we work hard to ensure that everything works smoothly in your everyday work. But you can also use simple tools and measures to significantly increase your safety. Here's some help at hand.

Together against Cargo theft

Supply chain supervision and determination of weak points

We support the company and its employees who have participated in the transportation business.

Inspection and control of new customers and business partners

The golden rule here is the preliminary evaluation of clean jobs

NA / 1A controls new customers without accessing the functional transport platform of Europe, Near & Middle East, Russian and Turkic Republics. So we are doing a preliminary study for you. However, you can do something for your safety every day.

Be confident with preliminary investigation

Make sure your partners are authenticated correctly:

  • - Claim the offer on the NA / 1A shipping platform in the form of an output from your potential business partner. In this way, you can also check whether the transport platform itself is also present.

  • See your company directory for the profile of your potential business partner. By using the Documents feature, it should have loaded frequently requested documents for identification.

  • Compare the information in the uploaded documents to the company profile stored in the company directory. For example, if the name, phone number, and e-mail address are stored in the company directory and are the same, compare the contact person's data.

  • If there is reasonable doubt about the details of the other party after the check, the NA / 1A Potential partner supports the Identifying Identification.

TransportAmbrum - 1A-CARGO Safety Cylinder 


● Carrying out a great deal of attention to supplier selection, TransportationAmbirm pursues suppliers' practices and provides them with assistance and guidance to increase their performance. The facilities of the supplier companies are inspected in accordance with the transportation protocol. As a result of the inspections made, there is no purchase of products from suppliers that do not have enough points. 
● TransportAmbrum expanded its scope of "Supplier Audit Program" in 2017, aiming to raise its awareness of suppliers and their environmentally conscious service as well as offering "Quality and Safe Service". 
● TransportAmbirmware Within the framework of the Supplier Audit Program, Service Security Audits are carried out under the 1A-CARGO standard and Ethical and Social Audits are carried out under ISO9001. 
● TransportAmbimization meets the requirements of international standards in service operations and controls the processes from each service and from the initial stage to the point of arrival. 
● All services are monitored periodically by industry experts in accordance with the specially prepared "Transportation Assurance Control Criteria" and legal regulatory criteria, including Service Quality Standards. 
● TransportAmbimation and 1A-CARGO are rigorously checked at every stage from arrival to arrival. Performance of service providers; is subject to periodic inspection of the content, quality analysis and scope of services within the scope of the legal regulations and Transportation Assurance parameters, and acceptance of the final delivery place from the acceptance of the distribution center and control processes during the period.