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Logistics and much more..

What is Shipping and Logistics?

   In the globalizing world system with the developing technology, the concepts of transportation and logistics are frequently encountered. In today's world order, everyone's need for transportation and logistics has pushed people to look for companies that offer the right and quality service. As an organization serving with the vision and the most reliable transportation, logistics service, ® offers users a transparent process and option.


What Do Shipping and Logistics Companies Do?

   Transport companies are basically the companies that are applied when you want to move your home or office and carry out the moving process. Today, however, shipping companies also provide extra services such as transporting, transferring and storing commercial goods. In addition, today, shipping companies also offer special services to the area and products with a personalized service approach.

   Logistics companies, on the other hand, do the job of effectively storing, planning and controlling the product in a production chain. At this point the difference between shipping and logistics must be understood. In essence, transportation is a stage within the logistics activity. Logistics refers to a much broader process and action. Since the existence of trade, logistics has an important position as a needed service. Because logistics includes all services such as raw materials, products, distribution and transportation required to complete the production chain.


How Do Shipping and Logistics Companies Work?

   The basic working principles of transport and logistics companies are different from each other. Transport companies serve you at the point of moving from one place to another. First of all, it brings all the items in your home to the assembled position, packages and transports them by professional teams. In the moved location, it places the items in the desired location. Logistics companies, on the other hand, are related to the supply chain. Procurement, packaging and packaging of a product from the seller is carried out. The products are stored and transported by the main transport vehicle. It is presented to the customs and brought to the city where the buyer is located and delivered to the destination address.


Which is the Most Appropriate Shipping and Logistics Company?

   The presence of many such companies in the market has pushed users to search for the most reliable transport and logistics companies. 1A-CARGO ® guarantees you the most reliable service in this direction. Our company aims to open agencies in many places at national and international level. You can get all kinds of information about our reliable and quality-oriented company by taking a short tour on the website of our company, which provides services to the public in 81 cities of Turkey.


Integrated Shipping Prices on the Order Screen for Online Stores

   The impact of the transportation and logistics industry is very high in online shopping. In recent years, the fact that technology has appealed to almost every person has caused the shopping aspect to be moved to the virtual dimension. Therefore, online shopping sites around the world are increasing day by day. This brings with it several requirements. Especially when a large shopping is made or something is ordered from abroad, transportation and logistics are very important. Online display of shipping and logistics prices for shopping in Turkey and around the world has started to be integrated into new online shopping sites. 1A-CARGO ®, which is the first and only logistics and transportation company that currently provides this service in Turkey, is taking great steps in this direction. Thanks to its innovations, it both accelerates the seller's work and offers a multi-choice shipping service for the buyer.


The Role of Shipping Price in Online Orders

   Shipping and logistics in online orders are increasing in importance day by day. So how does this service offered by 1A-CARGO ® work? It will be of great help in preparing orders for e-commerce sites that serve in today's world. For example, in a shopping transaction, transportation and logistics play an important role in the stages of the order. This service, which will be provided online, is integrated into the order screen and creates a price based on the size and weight of the ordered goods. It is a system that is directly integrated into the order screen. This system, which is put into operation especially for the sites exporting abroad, is also a very suitable method for the sites that make wholesale sales throughout Turkey. Thanks to this system, the order owner is directly faced with the shipping prices. He can easily choose the one that appeals to him in the shipping options that appear on the order screen. Thanks to this, the orderer can quickly complete his shopping. Again, thanks to the system, the site also sells faster.

   This system, made for the first time in Turkey by 1A-CARGO®, offers great advantages in many ways. With this method, which serves all over the world, a more transparent period in trade and the door is opened. It offers a faster sale for the seller and a more convenient and fast shopping opportunity for the buyer.


The Most Reliable Transport and Logistics Companies

   Transportation is one of the areas of vital importance for many sectors. In addition, logistics needs arise at many points during the production and sales process. For this reason, people search for the most reliable transportation and logistics companies. In order to fulfill these needs, companies that offer logistics services are used. For example, if there are sensitive products that require a fast delivery process, one goes into the search for the best shipping companies. Many logistics companies provide the most effective planning and control of all kinds of products and services in order to meet the needs of their customers. Logistics and transportation operations are a unit that should be used in every field.

   If we give an example of the most reliable transport and logistics companies, the list gets too long. However, 1A-CARGO ® a company that has reached world standards in this field, seems to be one step ahead. These companies also work worldwide, thanks to the international trucking companies. The real basis of logistics companies is to organize and at the same time to program. It deals with supply chain, customs clearance, packaging operations, stock management, warehousing as well as physical distribution. Firms facilitate all activities, especially in business or private life. Programs are also made in order to deliver the products safely.


About Foreign Logistics Companies

Foreign logistics companies provide many transportation and worldwide movements in order to meet their accommodation needs in the global sense. Logistics sectors are a sector that works to ensure the continuity of the world and at the same time to develop the world. It provides fluent service to all parts of the world. It operates all over the world, thanks to international trucking companies rather than airlines. Because, as in every business, businesses in the logistics sector also operate to meet the needs of their customers in the best and most reliable way. With all these mentioned, logistics operates in almost every field around the world.

The names of foreign logistics companies are given a lot. Transport and logistics, which are a large part of world trade, have had a great impact in this sector. We can give many examples of these. However, 1A-CARGO ® which is a source of pride for our country, has a very prominent place among these names. Many logistics companies, counted and uncountable, provide services to the whole world. Logistics companies, which increase their importance day by day, are used for many sectors. It also continues to be used. Logistics companies have become indispensable for many companies. For this reason, without logistic support, every activity in many sectors will not be able to provide service in a fully professional manner. For this reason, every small and big business today knows the importance of the logistics industry very well. In this respect, we should come back to 1A- Cargo and TransportAmambar company. The company has gained a worldwide reputation with the technology it applies. It is a domestic company that is among the foreign logistics companies. In addition to all these, it is becoming more successful day by day in the way of serving the whole world. The company carries out transportation to foreign countries without slowing down. It also draws attention as a company that uses blockchain, which is a 21st century technology in the world. He travels more and more on this road every day. It has the same coverage as the world-renowned shipping companies that have a say in the world.


Road transport logistics companies

Road transport is the transportation of the goods or products requested to be transported to the desired place by using the road transportation method. In particular, road transport is among the most demanded types of transport worldwide. Among the reasons why it is so much demanded is that it is planable, reliable and at the same time efficient in terms of durability of the products. Within the scope of road transport features, logistics provides services for the fastest, most effective and safe transportation of products to the requested location. It provides reliable and professional service to its customers from the current address to the desired destination and also within the scope of partial transportation.

Logistics services have occupied a very large place in human life for many years. It is the most important among technical services. Especially today, there are many road logistics companies that offer a professional service in this context. An important place among these companies 

Transport Ambarim and 1A-CARGO ®, which owns the company, draw attention as a company that provides services in Turkey and around the world. They are active companies that provide services to their customers in road transport in a reliable way. Logistics companies have become the image of exemplary brands in the sector with their high level of experience and experienced staff. It contains web sites that are equipped and at the same time have extensive content. It provides first class quality service by coming to the fore with its very modern and innovative view.


Global Logistics Companies

Global logistics companies are growing considerably in the changing and constantly developing world order. It adopts a service scope that provides the requested goods/services to any part of the world while the main purpose is to meet the exact needs of the customers. The main goal is to focus on quality and efficiency. Logistics, which is widely used in environments where competition is also at a high level, provides a great advantage. Logistics activities, which are extremely important in the world, are used in almost every sector of the world. In this way, it can deliver its goods and services to its suppliers in the best way, thanks to many global transports. However, it requires a certain level of cost.

The field that can provide all logistics services as a whole is called global logistics. If a company can provide services from transportation to port services, from packaging to customs services, it is a global logistics company. However, there are very few companies that can provide all logistics services. However, these companies are companies with high brand value operating around the world, with offices at every point and at the same time with many employees. 1A-CARGO ®, which has made a name for itself among the logistics companies providing international transportation services, has reached world standards in these matters because of the innovations it provides in the field and its accessibility to all parts of the world. The listed logistics companies are global logistics and provide services all over the world.


Logistics Companies Turkey

   Turkish logistics companies have very important places today. With the existing technological developments, transportation and logistics have also moved to a completely different stage. This pushes people to seek the best service. Shipping and logistics are things we encounter in every moment and place of life. But a quality transportation and logistics understanding is more important for everyone. For this reason, Turkish transport companies have to appeal to every person. Logistics and transportation companies should be in direct contact with today's technology. Again, it is a necessity for transportation and logistics companies to be in contact with e-commerce sites where almost all kinds of shopping are made.

  There are such companies in Turkey. But, having a quality above all, my 1A-CARGO ® is one of the rare transport and logistics companies that provide service throughout Turkey. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is the first and only company. The company, which is of domestic origin, aims to open agencies not only in Turkey but also in 236 different countries. This is actually the biggest indicator of how quality and trust the company works. With the technology it applies, it brings together all driver employees under one roof. With Blockchain, which is a 21st century technology, all communications are made transparently in an environment of trust. Because of these, my shipping warehouse draws attention as a transport and logistics company, which is the pride of Turkey.


Istanbul Logistics Companies

When Istanbul transport companies and Istanbul logistics companies are mentioned, many companies come to mind. Due to its population and location, Istanbul is one of the most popular cities of our country. It would not be wrong to say that it is the heart of Turkey. Therefore, everything that is there must be suitable for him. Shipping also has an important place in a country's transportation industry. Adaptation of sectors such as freight transportation to today's conditions is the main factor in the progress of these sectors. Transport also constitutes a very important position for our country. Transportation and logistics companies serving throughout Istanbul must meet the necessary conditions. The first element of these is meeting under one roof. Having the necessary technological experience also increases the probability of finding a job.

It is the 1A-CARGO ® company that first attempted to gather under one roof for Istanbul transport and logistics companies. It is a domestic brand that has been serving worldwide in freight transportation since 2003. It appeals to those who provide transportation and logistics services throughout the country through agencies. It is a company that aims to open agencies in 81 provinces of Turkey. Such an agency in Istanbul is very important especially for those dealing with freight transportation. Again, thanks to the system integrated by the company into e-commerce sites, the person who buys any product instantly learns the shipping fee.