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Since 2003 "We Are The Source of Synergy For The Logistics Indusry. We Connect East & West", founded in 2003 with the motto of "Providing information services about reliable logistic demand and procurement, verified to world standards with the most valuable participants from the sector by using the most effective communication technologies", has been working for 14 years in the world and in Turkey, The service provider is multilingual, functional, warehouse presentation / management and logistics integrated into foreign trade organizations.
Offers free quotation and procurement services for foreign trade companies and transparency for market research. Distinguished Sector Participant Carrier, logistics service provider, storage specialist and customs firms also carry out promotional activities through search engines, maps in the framework of corporate identity.

CNR Logistics Fair, which we participated in 2004, has been promoted by Expo-Channel Channel of CNR Fairs for one year and our Turkish Logistics Sector has been promoted in our country and many neighboring countries.

What is It About?
1A-CARGO.COM, the global operating company of 1A-CARGO.COM logistics network and professional information and procurement system. Our company is operated around the world with several agencies.

How does it work?
1A-CARGO.COM provides incredible savings in time and money for suppliers, foreign trade companies and all other participants in the logistics sector with detailed logistics maps, top-level technological and technical security infrastructure and sector-tailored operation in a secure commercial environment.

Who does it appeal to?

1A-CARGO.COM addresses all suppliers, foreign trade companies and all those planning and carrying out freight forwarding from domestic and foreign logistics sector.