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Definition of "1A-CARGO-ID" in BLOCKCHAIN Technology


From 2003 to the present day 1A-CONSULTANTS Int'l, is operating in various regions of the world and in Europe, offering software and technological infrastructure and consulting services for the logistics industry.

With 1A-CARGO.COM we aim to complete the establishment of the autonomous local agency network in 2023. We offer unique logistics supply, in 238 countries with local contracted agencies and operate also especially in 81 provinces in Turkey. Our logistics network has a wide effective autonomous local contracted agency corporation, using advanced information and communication technologies. 

1A-CARGO.COM [TÜRKİYE] aims to delivers logistics network services to all the valuable participants in [TÜRKİYE] from the industry with verified, reliable logistics market and supply information. We enable your business, embedding operation of logistics supply and infrastructure worldwide, for your logistics demands. Regardless of the way your company operates, demand or supply, our logistics infrastructure will enable you to embed the global logistics process within your complete business infrastructure. You can integrate world class logistics to the logistics process of your company, in the most transparent way, without making major changes and costs at all stages of your business. You can start working with all your company's units within minutes.

"We are the Synergy Source of the Logistics Industry. We connect East and West!"

The basic function of 1A-CARGO® systematic is to incorporate the safe logistics function in all commercial organizations with standards and current operational procedures, with all the possibilities and innovations offered by the technology, as well as autonomous, multi-business facilities for each enterprise, logistics-centres, warehouses etc. enabling a modern net interface.

Our primary goal here is to provide more efficient logistics supply for all attendants, with more suitable and to safe commercial conditions with local contracted agencies worldwide. For ensuring trading companies 'export and import” and for logistics supplier more possibilities to the world with a reliable infrastructure worldwide.

Today, #Blockchain is rapidly entering different parts of the industry. Due to the popularity of the crypto currency, known as Bitcoin, this technology has created numerous opportunities in the financial arena. Entrepreneurs from many different industries are trying to adapt #Blockchain / block chain technology in other areas, and the opportunities that may arise here open new windows for investors.

The obvious advantage of #Blockchain is its transparency and the ability to optimize different IT / IT ecosystems. #Blockchain opportunities to perceive many entrepreneurial companies, this technology is not related to crypto currencies and finance areas and began to adapt the infrastructure and appropriate platforms such as Shipping 1A-CARGO®. First of all, #Blockchain offers numerous solutions for those who want to increase security and make digital data and transactions more transparent.

The logistics industry unites and integrates many indstries: manufacturers, customers, suppliers, supervisors and many more, as well as their own logistics units. #Blockchain technology can provide significant benefits to all parties in this chain. It allows customers to monitor their products and to monitor the entire product and production chain. Auditors can easily verify and remotely control any process and control all phases. The information stored in #Blockchain cannot be tampered with and cannot be changed by third parties, which makes #Blockchain technology much safer than any existing solution.

#Impact of Blockchain on Transportation;
Today, lifestyles depend on delivering products, services and values ​​to the right places at the right time. Bülent Tosun, who has expertise in logistics and technology for his long years of domestic and international activities, points to the place of the industry in the global economy. “The logistics industry provides jobs to many more people than other industries. The industry is constantly growing and as the needs increase, we need innovative solutions and adaptation to meet these needs.”

For the logistics industry, we aim to ensure the transparency of all documents and transactions through the IDs generated through our Am Shipping 1A-CARGO® supply and bidding system, which will ultimately increase the efficiency, agility and innovation of the supply chains. ! " Together with your precious "SUPPORT!"
"Transport 1A-CARGO® procurement and offer system" processes "autonomous" "with all units and for each company, user, product, etc. "CARGO-ID" / "CARGO-ITEM-ID" / "CARGO-PROCESS-ID" "CARGO - * - ID", etc.


In the Internet of Things (Iot), formations are increasing in number and new challenges arise with devices. Therefore, expanding operations require a higher level of security, where #Blockchain is the best solution ever developed because it is protected by advanced encryption methods, decentralized record books and smart contracts. With these features, #Blockchain allows us to tackle fraudulent and misleading software, corruption, material losses and tracking issues in the fight against commercial property losses.

Research has shown that the implementation of #Blockchain technology could save $ 50 billion per year worldwide in the first phase, and it is thought that after #Blockchain-based networks reach mass markets, such as $ 500 billion per year worldwide. However, efficiency is not the only prominent feature of this technology. This excellent technology allows us to make the entire system less dependent on intermediaries and significantly improve the transparency of the commercial system. For example, when buying a car, it is important to get accurate information about the accident history of the vehicle we will buy. If we could access the records of the car's accident history, it would not be possible for dealers to sell a car that had a major accident.

Difficulties in Practice;
Consider the example of a large telecommunications company that has incorporated #Blockchain technology today. This company, in turn, first collects orders via customer relationship management and then transmits this to the billing unit for authorization. In the next step, the logistics unit is activated. Such a company will also need a billing system to generate invoices after processing orders. These are only a few of the systems required, and there will be different data storage models, so different storage formats will be used. All these systems operate autonomously and operate separately. Systems function separately and focus on different topics. This requires IT / IT to reconcile all data and has difficulties in implementing new technologies. A #Blockchain needs to be redesigned for specified purposes before proceeding to adaptation. First, companies need to clarify exactly which workflows to adapt to #Blockchain technology.

In order to uncover gaps in the existing system, this new technology needs to be integrated into the IT / IT ecosystem. Here we recommend the best possible start, 1A-CARGO® offer and supply system at the most cost-effective. A number of operational data types are shared between different common applications and the same can be done with the Shipping 1A-CARGO® #Blockchain.

These initiatives enable companies to use existing information in their local databases, as well as take advantage of the new technology in preparation. Existing data can be moved to #Blockchain in a secure environment such as 1A-Network.