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About Us and 1A-CARGO.COM Smart Logistics Network

We are working for the future of the logistics Industry in BRUNEI !

From 2003 to the future..

From 2003 to the present day 1A-CONSULTANTS Int'l, is operating in various regions of the world and in Europe, offering software and technological infrastructure and consulting services for the logistics industry.

With 1A-CARGO.COM we aim to complete the establishment of the autonomous local agency network in 2023. We offer unique logistics supply, in 238 countries with local contracted agencies and operate also especially also in 81 provinces in Turkey. Our logistics network has a wide effective autonomous local contracted agency corporation, using advanced information and communication technologies. 

1A-CARGO.COM [TÜRKİYE] aims to deliver logistics network services, to all the valuable participants in [TÜRKİYE] from the industry, with verified, reliable logistics market and supply information. We enable your business, embedding operation of logistics supply and infrastructure worldwide, for your logistics demands. Regardless of the way your company operates, demand or supply, our logistics supply and demand infrastructure will enable you to embed the global logistics process within your complete business infrastructure. You can integrate world class logistics to the logistics process of your company in the most transparent way, without making major changes and costs at all stages of your business. You can start working with all your company's units within minutes.

"We are the Synergy Source of the Logistics Industry. We connect East and West!"

What is the 1A-CARGO.COM [TÜRKİYE] Logistics Supply and Demand Network?
This is a global logistics network, operating in 238 countries and offers of autonomous local operations also in [TÜRKİYE]. With 1A-CARGO.COM [TÜRKİYE] we provide supply and demand with local autonomous local agent contractors from all regions for your logistics and 3rd party needs that may occur all over the world. Our company is operated only with 1A-CARGO.COM [TÜRKİYE]



1A-CARGO.COM provides unbelievable advantages savings in time and costs for its suppliers, Trading companies and all other participants in the logistics industry in [TÜRKİYE] with its detailed global logistics maps, state-of-the-art technological and technical security-in-5-Step infrastructure and autonomous operation adapted to the industry, in a secure commercial environment. 

Our agency network:

We are operating primarily from and to Europe, Near- and the Middle East, Russia, Turkey and the Turkic Republics. In 238 countries and in 81 provinces in Turkey with our special autonomous and local operated agency network, we are multi-national network of agencies and act as a transport platform.


All shipping, transporting and other service providers that appear to be 

" Verified Company " have been rigorously researched and verified, and their information and documentation can be displayed on their profiles in accordance with their choice.

Information registration has not been approved for companies that do not appear as 

Verified Company". 

With your quotation requests, you can collect all over the world quotes for your shipments in minutes.

With your vacant vehicle position shares you will publish; you will ensure that the closest and most convenient loads for your empty vehicles reach you.


To Whom it Addresses?

1A-CARGO.COM [TÜRKİYE] addresses to all suppliers, from domestic and overseas logistics industry, foreign trade companies and anyone aiming to any kind of shipping from one location and will appeal to anyone who plans to ship from [TÜRKİYE] worldwide.